Using New Media

Synchronicity Theatre

Who is your organization's primary target audience?

  • Only 3 years in new location - still developing audience in Midtown. Patrons are typically between 25 and 55.

What is your organization doing to reach or deepen the relationship with them?

  • Direct mail efforts to the Ansley neighborhood, new ticketing/email platform to be strategic, new programs and promotions for Friday nights and for kids.


  • facebook survey
  • direct mail
  • market segmentation

Synchronicity Theatre

What have you heard today that you need to try to do in your organization?

  • New tactics for soft nights.
  • For Wednesday, and Industry night has increased attednance from 24 to 93 people in just 3 weeks.
  • For Friday Family Nights, changed it to PJs and cookies and milk. Has gonne from 25-110 people in three weeks.

What are some of the things you've done this last season?

  • We are doing a better job of getting the right programming mix in place, and far enough ahead of time to implement.
  • Data Mining is a challenge - have good data, but need  to take the time to analyze it.
  • We could do a better job communicating to our audiences.

Key words

  • Programming Mix
  • Data Mining
  • Segmenting communication by audience


What have you heard today that you need to try to do in your organization?

  • We have learned that we need to be more strategic with social media, and that we cannot focus on all the social media platforms.  Since 80% of our new sales come from Facebook, we will focus our marketing efforts there. And we are delegating the Instagram and interest activity to the dancers. 


  • Facebook, Delegation

CORE Dance


  • Need stakeholder buy in

What intend to try

  • We learned the difference between Engagement and Advertising in social media.  We need to shift to be more engaging and less advertising. And we need our stakeholders to be bought in.
  • We also need to create a place for selfies or a "step and repeat" type concept that is adaptable to our many different locations.
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